The Forum of the Digital Economy in Milan

Forum of the Digital Economy in Milan

The International Conference on the Digital Economy (CESTECH) in Milan, Italy, will focus on five themes, including Circular Economy, Agri-food, Textiles, Fashion, Cities and Materials, and Digital Technologies. Speakers will represent European institutions and start-ups who are leading the way in innovation. It will feature over 150 speakers from around the world. In addition to global executives, CESTECH will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to discuss what makes the digital economy a global phenomenon. Read more at

UNCTAD’s eCommerce Week

During UNCTAD’s eCommerce week in Milan, delegates from more than 80 countries will discuss how to harness the power of the digital economy to support economic growth and development. Topics of discussion will include taxation of the digital economy, consumer protection, trade logistics, and digital identity, among others. In addition, delegates from civil society organizations and the private sector will also be invited to the event, which will include several press conferences.

G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ Meeting 2021

The G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ Meeting 20-21 in Milan will focus on the importance of digitalisation and the need to address challenges and opportunities related to the global transition to a digital economy. While the Italian Presidency has worked to promote digitalisation, it has also made it a priority to include UNIDO in the discussions of the G20. During the meetings of the Digital Economy Task Force, the Italian Presidency will introduce key issues related to the transition to the digital economy and the challenges and opportunities it poses.

G20 Digital Education Stakeholder Forum

The Y20 Summit and G20 Digital Education Stakeholder Forum will kick off the week-long event in Milan. The Stakeholder Forum will cover three key areas: the digital ecosystem, digital competences and cooperation to ensure high-quality education. Other topics will include supporting teachers in their digital transition and working with the EdTech sector. In addition to a range of presentations, the day-long conference will also feature interactive pitching sessions, panel discussions, and Slido exercises.

European Commission’s Digital Connect project

The European Commission has launched a new digital connectivity infrastructure support programme, the Connecting Europe Facility Digital. This scheme aims to support the development of operational digital platforms that are associated with the development of cross-border infrastructure. The project will enable the creation of up to 250 billion euros in additional growth for the European economy during the next Commission mandate. It will also create hundreds of thousands of jobs and create a knowledge-based society.

OECD’s COVID-19 crisis

OECD’s COVID-19 Crisis – What should governments do to deal with the epidemic? OECD has published a policy brief to address this pressing issue. It offers a snapshot of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour markets of OECD countries and discusses directions for policy adaptation. It also investigates unequal access to unemployment benefits among part-time workers and the difficult balancing act between work incentives and income security.

G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ Meeting 2022

The G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ Meeting is the next step in the process to modernize the global economy. Digital transformation can increase productivity, increase inclusion and reduce disparities between large and small firms, and create new opportunities for people in many sectors and in all countries. Consequently, governments and companies must harness digital technologies and develop human capital in order to stay competitive and create jobs. This means increasing investment in ICT and human capital.

OECD’s eCommerce Week

OECD’s eCommerce Week will take place in Milan from 25-29 April in a hybrid format that will combine offline meetings in Geneva and online meetings. The goal of eCommerce Week 2022 is to foster global innovation and digital transformation by examining how to strengthen the engagement of developing countries in e-commerce and the digital economy, while building more resilient societies. This year’s theme is “Data and Digitalization for Development”, with a special focus on data flows.

OECD’s Digital Connect project

Developing a digital economy requires both technical innovation and policy innovation. The OECD’s Digital Connect project is one such initiative. Its objective is to support governments, businesses, and other organizations in their quest to understand and shape a more positive digital future. In order to achieve this, the project draws on the expertise of almost every policy community, measurement community, and international agency. Its results provide policy advice and data on a range of topics, and a comprehensive analysis of the impacts of the digital economy.

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